Bodil Fossheim-Bugge

I am from the western part of Norway, surrounded by beautiful fjords, mountains and beaches. 

I have been creative my whole life, and has continuously combined my artistic interest with a professional career in the oil business.

I am a self-taught artist exploring different art forms in my leisure time. Throughout the years I have developed my style as an artist, and has great passion for mixed media and acrylic painting.

I get inspired  from both the outer and inner world and the nature has always played an important role in my work.

 In September 2020 I was invited to partisipate in a digital exhibition in connection with the Milano Fashion week. It was called «Dress me» by M.A.D.S. Milano. You can see the result under portefolio/ Exhibition.

In June 2021 I was honored with the international art prize: «Ambassador of art 2021» curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo from Italia. You can see more information under portefolio/ «Ambassador of art 2021»

About image
  • Myrsnipevegen, Klepp Stasjon, Norge

You can find the complete art catalogue and the presentation of me from the exhibition "Dress me" in the following links:

Dress me - extract - Bodil.pdf

Dress me katalog compressed 2.pdf